Stephan Molyneaux did a very good review of Stanton Evan’s must read book on McCarthy, Blacklisted by History – روائع الفكر

Stephan Molyneaux did a very good review of Stanton Evan’s must read book on McCarthy, Blacklisted by History


Stephan Molyneaux did a very good review of Stanton Evan’s must read book on McCarthy, Blacklisted by History

“It is impossible to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit the little incidents of life has been able to remain silent about the horrors perpetrated in Russia…and that it should have so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This silence…is favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order” – Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, 1937

If someone can explain why I should go back to believing the media/academia on the issue of WWII when they LIE about everything else, I’m all ears.

I won’t donate money because other choices are more pressing but I can offer the use of that bdrm for a week

Consider that most of the world’s leaders, including Trudeau, Gates, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Bono, Richard Branson Zucckerburg, Macron, Putin, etc are graduates of the world economic forum young leaders school in context with 13These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. Is it any surprise they all used masks, lockdowns, and vaccine mandates none of which worked? Maybe the subject of an investigative report?

Think Greg is of high moral character… I’m on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with an extra bedroom. I’ll be here for the next two months. It’s a good survivable location…possibilities of food from both land and sea. Weather very mild compared with NH. Long growing season … low real estate taxes and below average real estate prices.

I have tried many times to donate to Greg but my Bank simply blocks me like they do on all purchases outside Thailand

In essence, my Mastercard only works inside this country. The reason is rampant hacking and stealing here. I love Colorado title loan calculator Greg. When we come to visit if allowed and no bad chit happens, I am sending some from Tampa to you bud.

Could you please post the link to the CDC info regarding shedding and pregnant women? I’d love to know more.

These warnings coming from the vaccine manufacturer (Pfizer) are shocking – Pfizer is likely trying to cover their ass against lawsuits from people who never voluntarily took their bio-weapon “jab” (like pregnant women who can be harmed by simply touching the skin of a vaccinated person) – you can now understand why the crimials have their politicians pushing so hard to get everyone to step-up and voluntarily get themselves “jabbed”( it is because the un-vaccinated represent a huge liability to Pfizer – when they begin to sue (like the asbestos victims did to the asbestos manufacturers) – sadly those who “voluntarily took the jab” won’t be able to join in on the Class Action Law Suit against the Big Pharma Corporations (but they could sell their shares short)!!

BIDEN TRUDEAU The New World Order NEW POLICE FORCE – ” THE GAZPATCHO” Their Slogan ” Justice Served Cold “

Love the Jesus stuff Greg, if you turn preacher you would immediately be top 10. We don’t need more theologians, we need people like you, smart, passionate, real!!

Greg I love your interviews and your last 2 presentations have been superb. One of my patients told me the line outside the pharmacy waiting for the vaccine reminded her of photos of Jews waiting for the train to Auschwitz. I was stunned. Moments later, another lady followed her into the office She was deaf from birth and could only lip read. She asked me to remove my mask. I was more than happy to oblige. She read my lips and at the end, she glanced at a crucifix in the corner of the room. She said “it’s from Medugorje”. I said yes, how did you know.? She had been 10 times and told me things no person with full hearing could believe. She smiled repeatedly and told me there was little peace in the world, that the devil was real and very cunning. She warned that God was also real and could save all of us. Your belief that God is real is spot on ….. I’m was still reeling from the experience when Bill Holter them predicted the return to faith. Keep up the good work – the world needs good, generous, kind people more than ever. J in Europe!

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